10 Liter Agriculture Sprayer Drones DF-T2A

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T2A sprayer drone is a high performance aircraft capable of offering comprehensivesolutions for agricultural care. We have 10L/20L payload capability. Each minute, our spray efficiency is around 600-1500m2.

Radar Detects Height, the downward radar provides high-precision height. As the radars scan, the device is able to perceive the change of terrain, adjust its altitude and maintain its altitude above the crops.

Accurate Spraying, a new pressure sensor and flow sensor monitors the spraying rate in real-time, realizing dynamic control over spray speed and amount during operation. Nozzles with extended spray booms have been used to make better use of downward airflows. This spraying system now responds more accurately to commands, adding accuracy and effectiveness to spraying operations.

Intelligent Battery, the MG-1S uses an intelligent battery with a capacity of 12000mAh, it can hover for 23 minutes* without load. A high-strength protective shell and dampers are applied outside the battery, and the cables are also well-protected for safety and reliability. In addition, the battery provides more stable voltage, extending its lifespan.

  Aircraft frame

Size Spreaded L*W*H 1220*1220*700 mm
Size Folded L*W*H 800*600*700mm
Diagonal wheelbase 1190mm
Material of Chassis Carbon Fiber
Material of Propeller Carbon Fiber
Motor Brushless, 6215 170KV


                                             Flight parameters

Total Weight 12.5 kg (without battery)
Max Takeoff Weight 24 kg
Spray Flight Time 10-13 mins
No Load Flight Time 18-23 mins
Max Flight Speed 10m/s
Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level 30 m(GPS mode)
Anti-wind <6.0m/s (28.8km/h)
Operating Modes Standard/Spray/GPS
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to 50 ℃


                                                Spray system

Container Material Rigid Plastic
Container Volum 10 L
Standard Operating Payload 10 kg
Spray droplet diameter 60~180μm
Nozzles 4 pcs
Spray Flow Rate 1.4~1.8 L/min
Spray Width 3~6 M
Spray Height 2~5 M
Work Efficiency 600-1500 square meters per minute


                                             Remote controller

Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz
Max Transmission Range 1 km (unobstructed, free of interference)
RC Battery 2200mAh 11.1V 3S Lipo
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to 50 ℃


                                                Aircraft battery

Power Battery 10000mAh-25C 22.2V 222Wh 6S Lipo 2pcs
Charging Time 1.0-1.5h
Recharge Cycles 300-500 times
Daily efficiency 240,000 ㎡  (6 hours) 
Packing Box 870*770*870 mm


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10 Liter Agriculture  Sprayer Drones DF-T2A

10 Liter Agriculture Sprayer Drones DF-T2A